Chelsea Clinton Breaks The Internet After Fox News Host Says Awful Thing About Her Mom

Conservatives are trying so hard to spin Donald Trump’s Russia scandal that they repeatedly bring up Hillary Clinton or former President Barack Obama. It’s a deflection tactic that only the most ardent Trump supporters would believe. While the White House is lawyering up, Hillary Clinton is not under investigation for anything. Chelsea Clinton wasn’t having it after a Fox News host on Saturday said that her mother, Hillary, would “literally sell her daughter” to be president.

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Lisa Boothe of Fox News’ “The Five” called Hillary Clinton “the most soulless woman on the planet,” according to The Hill.

“[She] would literally sell her daughter to be president, literally sell her only child to be president,” Boothe said.


Chelsea Clinton fired back at Boothe on Twitter Saturday, saying she’s “never doubted” that she was the “most important part” of her Mother’s life.

“No, she wouldn’t. I’ve never doubted & always known I was the most important part of her life,” Chelsea Clinton said. “Now as a mom I’m even more grateful to my mom.”

If someone came at my mother, I’d be all, “Fuck you, Bitch” but Chelsea kept her cool. The Internet noticed that, too.

Do not come at Chelsea Clinton’s mother. She will hurt you with kindness.

Featured image via Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images.

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