Chaffetz Confirms He’s Betraying The Country, Reality To Indulge Trump’s ‘Wiretap’ Delusions (VIDEO)

Rep. Jason Chaffetz once said that he couldn’t look his wife or daughter in the eye and endorse a sexist scumbag like Trump. Dinner must be extremely awkward in the Chaffetz household these days because he’s now the former reality tv star’s biggest supporter.

This, apparently, includes betraying the democratic institutions he swore to uphold so that he can launch a witch hunt against former President Obama based on a fact-free tweet made by Trump during a temper tantrum.

On Fox and Friends, Chaffetz declared that he would helping Congress look into these “allegations” in a Republican-run investigation. He went on to suggest that he thinks Obama actually broke the law. He, like Trump, didn’t bother to provide a shred of evidence. And the Fox and Friends hosts didn’t bother to ask for any, either.

Chaffetz is using identical tactics to Trump in his attempts to smear Obama. And being equally shady about it. In the clip, he mentions the fact that the Secret Service illegally looked into his records, but failed to point out that President Obama had nothing to do with it. He also failed to mention that the actions were the result of just one person within the agency (not 40) and that it was in response to Chaffetz beclowning himself with a partisan attack against the Secret Service in 2015 to hurt Obama which enraged agents who take their jobs very seriously.

Back to Chaffetz’s baseless investigation of wiretapping: Siding with Trump’s tweets positions Chaffetz against the former head of National Security, the current Republican FBI director, and Obama himself who already released a statement saying Trump’s allegations were total lies. In doing so, Chaffetz is undermining the American government, the open process of bipartisan investigations, and reality itself.

Long time observers of Chaffetz’s shameful political career probably aren’t too surprised that he would be the one to sell out to Trump’s delusions. He is the guy who spent his entire time in office launching and relaunching endless Benghazi investigations with the sole purpose of harming Hillary Clinton’s future chances to be president. He’s the House’s leading expert on baseless witch hunts.

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