Catholic Nun RIPS ‘Allegedly Pro-Life’ Trump And GOP Apart For Supporting Healthcare Bill That Will Kill People


Donald Trump and Senate Republicans have pissed off the nuns.

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In a scathing op-ed written for The Hill, Catholic Sister Simone Campbell blasted the hypocrisy of Republicans for claiming to be “pro-life” while trying to pass a bill that would strip healthcare from millions of Americans, including the elderly, women, and children.

Campbell points out that she supported the passage of the Affordable Care Act. She even urged Congress to pass it because it aligns with her Christian beliefs and the social values that her faith teaches.

Of course, despite claiming to be “pro-life,” Republicans fiercely opposed the bill and have sought to repeal it ever since.

Tens of millions of American have healthcare today thanks to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. However, Republicans don’t care. They would rather take healthcare from a large portion of our population just so that the wealthy can be wealthier. And that’s why Campbell called out their hypocrisy.

“As Senate Republicans seek to rush through a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the most secretive manner, I want to call their bluff on their proclaimed pro-life stance,” Campbell wrote.

I am outraged to see allegedly pro-life Republicans put forward a healthcare bill that will strip millions of people of their healthcare. Not only that, but this bill preys on the most vulnerable! This is antithetical to any faith. The House and Senate healthcare proposals are the antithesis of a pro-life stance and needs to be named as such. People will lose their lives if this bill becomes law.”

Campbell went on to point out that the bill would particularly harm mothers and children since destroying Medicaid would end a program that pays for 45 percent of all births in the nation. The crippling of Medicaid would almost certainly drive the abortion rate up as women begin choosing to end pregnancies instead of paying the high cost of prenatal care and childbirth, which can run from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on which hospital you go to or which state you live in.

The bill would also hurt senior citizens and force them to pay far more money for healthcare than they currently pay under Obamacare. Many would be priced out of the insurance market entirely because most seniors live on a fixed income.

Sister Campbell furiously ripped Republicans for daring to support such a devastating piece of legislation. A piece of legislation that would literally kill people.

I am angry that by moving ahead with their American Health Care Act spin-off, Republican Senators are only concerned with lining the pockets of the wealthiest and are doing so at the expense of Medicaid and our most vulnerable people. If Republicans are truly pro-life, then they will place people, not corporate interests, at the center of their decision-making. And, when people are healthier, we all do better.”

She then called upon Senate Republicans to prove their “pro-life” bonafides by rejecting Trumpcare.

So my pro-life colleagues: Listen up. To be pro-life requires us to care about ALL of life, not just birth or death. Mothers and their infants need medical coverage. The disabled and the elderly need the promise that they can live in dignity for their entire natural life…So Senators, please, reject the so-called “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” and let’s have a real conversation that doesn’t include 23 million Americans losing their healthcare.”

Republicans and Donald Trump better be careful about what they do next on healthcare. Because the nuns are watching.

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