Canada Can’t Stand Seeing Trump’s Name, So They’re Quietly Doing Something About It


Only one Trump Tower remains in Canada now. There was another one in Toronto, but workers have been removing Trump’s name from the Trump International Hotel and Tower there. The owner of the tower, JCF Capital, bought out the Trump Organization’s license last month and they are now in the process of turning the tower into a Marriott St. Regis.

The Trump Organization didn’t build the tower – rather, they’re busy licensing their name to various projects. That doesn’t matter to Canadians, though. They want developers to stop putting Trump’s name on buildings in their cities, and really, who can blame them? Trump’s name is a blight on everything it touches.

A late-2015 poll (which would have been right at the time Trump was starting to make a serious clusterf*ck of our politics and scaring our neighbors) found that Canadians felt Trump had gotten so offensive that his name should no longer appear on buildings. Nationwide, 56 percent felt that way, but in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, that number jumped to 62 percent.

In the rest of urban Canada, 55 percent wanted his name gone and 56 percent in the mid-sized cities felt the same. Oddly enough, even in rural Canada, 50 percent of respondents to that poll thought Trump’s name shouldn’t be on buildings anymore. Or perhaps it’s not so odd since Canada is on the outside looking in, so they’re more able to see the truth as a population than we seem to be.

The 65-story tower opened in 2012, but Toronto City Councilor Josh Matlow began asking that they drop Trump’s name because Trump is a fascist. They don’t want monuments to fascists like that. Some sources claimed that JCF Capital paid $6 million to the Trump Organization to get rid of his name and turn the tower into a respectable property.

If only we could do the same here.

Featured image by Secondarywaltz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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