Caitlyn Jenner Gets Her A** Handed To Her For Foolishly Believing Trump Wouldn’t Attack Transgender People

Caitlyn Jenner Defends Ted Cruz

Karma just kicked down Caitlyn Jenner’s door.

Despite the concerns of the transgender community about Donald Trump during the campaign, Caitlyn Jenner refused to believe that Trump would attack LGBT people and actually voted for him.

Well, that vote came back to bite Jenner on the ass on Wednesday when Trump announced his decision to ban transgender Americans from serving in the military.

Trump’s discriminatory ban created a firestorm and angered the LGBT community and veterans across the country.

Even Jenner expressed shock on Twitter.

Jenner’s apparent expectation that Trump would keep his word not did draw sympathy. Instead it drew anger and ridicule as Twitter users, some of whom belong to the transgender community, immediately slammed her naivety and ignorance.

There is nothing sadder than a person who willingly votes for someone who hates them. Caitlyn Jenner is learning that lesson right now because she only has herself to blame.

Featured image via Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

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