BUSTED: Trump Personally Approved Of Fox News Airing Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory


The hole that Donald Trump is in right now just keeps getting deeper.

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Remember when Fox News was forced to retract a story about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich because they falsely accused him of leaking emails to Wikileaks in a blatant effort to exonerate Russia and shield Trump from further inquiries in the Russia investigation? Remember how Trump ass-kisser Sean Hannity desperately continued to push the story even after Fox News retracted it?

Well, it turns out that Trump himself signed off on the story and demanded it be aired “immediately.”

At least that is what longtime Fox News contributor and detective Rod Wheeler says in a lawsuit filed against Fox News this week.

Wheeler was hired by wealthy Trump supporter Ed Butowsky to investigate Rich’s murder and worked with Fox reporter Malia Zimmerman. As it turns out, Zimmerman apparently misquoted Wheeler in her report by claiming that he “absolutely” found evidence proving that Rich leaked emails to Wikileaks.

The evidence, however, actually proves that the Russians hacked and leaked those emails to Wikileaks themselves in an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Election. Our own intelligence officials have confirmed this.

Anyway, Wheeler also claims that the story was thought up as a way to help Trump derail the Russia investigation. If Fox News could convince everyone that Seth Rich was a traitor, Trump would be off the hook for colluding with Russia.

In the end, they failed and the Russia investigation has grown even more serious ever since as it has been revealed that Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer and former Soviet intelligence officer to get dirt on Clinton from the Russian government.

But it appears that Trump himself gave his personal seal of approval to the Fox News story and even pushed hard for it to air in yet another instance demonstrating Trump’s desperation to cover up his own treason.

According to NPR:

On April 20, a month before the story ran, Butowsky and Wheeler… met at the White House with then Press Secretary Sean Spicer to brief him on what they were uncovering. The first page of the lawsuit quotes a voicemail and text from Butowsky boasting that President Trump himself had reviewed drafts of the Fox News story just before it went to air and was published.”

“The president just read the article,” Butowsky wrote. “He wants it out immediately.”

And Sean Spicer has since admitted that he did take that meeting. So it is very possible that Trump also signed off on the story.

If Donald Trump conspired with Fox News to smear a murdered DNC staffer in order to cover up his Russia scandal, that is a serious bombshell. It also further proves that Fox News is nothing more than Trump’s own personal state-run propaganda machine.

Donald Trump should be impeached, and Fox News should be permanently taken off the airwaves.

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