BUSTED: Racist Wal-Mart In Panic Mode After Using ‘N****r’ In A Product Description (IMAGES)

Wal-Mart is an absolutely vile company. They treat their employees like shit and pay them poverty wages. They also cater to the lowest forms of humanity and promote the worst elements of mass consumerism and capitalism. Now, it has been revealed that they are also overtly racist.

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It has been discovered that they actually used the word nigger in a product description. They were selling a women’s weaving cap, and described one of the colors as “nigger brown.” After the internet discovered the obvious racism, they quickly took the product down from their website. However, thankfully, the internet captures everything forever. Here is an image of the offending product post, via that bastion of forced accountability, Twitter:

Next thing you know, they’ll be selling this:

Obviously, as a Black woman I am deeply offended by this. There is absolutely no excuse for such a blatant display of racism in America in 2017. Then again, this is hardly a company that has been any kind of civil rights champion anyway. That being said, it should still be stunning to people everywhere that this happened at all.

Their public relations department must be in overdrive right now as they try to figure out how to spin this one. The thing is, though – there is absolutely no excuse that will ever be good enough to explain away the use of that word in a product description. The word “nigger” has a long and painful history in this nation, and any company worth its salt that wants to be able to credibly say that they abhor racism of any kind would never let something like this slip by.

Thanks, Wal-Mart, for showing your true colors. I think I’ll go to Target next time.

Featured image via edited screen capture

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