Budweiser’s New Rebranded Name Is Hilarious, And The Internet Has Perfectly Responded (TWEETS)

Companies have been known to do a lot of things to sell and market their products, but what Budweiser just did to try to boost falling sales is kind of pathetic. No, wait, remarkably pathetic.

Budweiser, at least through the remainder of the presidential election, has been renamed “America.” Yes, you are reading that correctly. To add insult to the already pitiful rebrand, the company Anheuser–Busch, which puts out Budweiser, is a Belgian multi-national corporation. Even though many still view the beer with American stars and stripes in their eyes. Well, at least people who don’t know what good beer tastes like.

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According to Tosh Hall who was the creative director of the branding firm responsible for the name change:

We thought nothing was more iconic than Budweiser and nothing was more iconic than America.

Are we sure “Tosh Hall” isn’t just a pseudonym for Donald J. Trump? Hmm…

The new tagline for the new name is also the nation’s motto, “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” meaning out of many, one. How is that not trademarked already? But if they really wanted to go after the crowd of consumers that would buy into such a ridiculous rebrand, they should have gone with our other motto, “In God We Trust.” Saying we are all one may come across too “commie” for that crowd.

Watch the report regarding the name change via CNBC:

Of course, many are already having too much fun with the new name, as they should:


Only time will tell to see if this rebrand will help boost sales, but it’s definitely got people talking about it, so if that’s what they were hoping for, well done.

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