Breitbart’s Hate Speech Just Got Them Dropped By The Second Largest Internet Ad Company

The second largest internet ad placement company has announced that they will no longer allow Breitbart to use their services due to the blatant hate speech that fills the site’s content.

AppNexus told Bloomberg Technology that they are dropping Breitbart after reviewing the articles featured on the site and finding page after page full of hateful rhetoric. AppNexus spokesperson Joshua Zeitz explained how the decision was made.

“We did a human audit of Breitbart and determined there were enough articles and headlines that cross that line, using either coded or overt language,” Zeitz said.

Breitbart has come under scrutiny since Steve Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart, signed onto Trump’s campaign; first as his campaign CEO and now as White House chief strategist. (Insert shudder here.)

Zeitz made it abundantly clear that this decision has nothing to do with the “fake news” frenzy of the past week. “This blacklist was solely about hate speech violation,” he stressed.

According to Bloomberg, “Breitbart doesn’t buy ads directly using AppNexus. However, the publication shows ads bought through multiple automated online ad networks and exchanges. Now that Breitbart is barred, it won’t get ads from the exchange that AppNexus runs.”

When it comes to internet ads, AppNexus is second only to Google and handles more than $2 billion a year in ad spending.

In case you aren’t familiar with the “alt right” (aka white supremacist) site, here are a few of Breitbart’s most offensive headlines.






And this is what Trump has moved into the White House. Bannon, who was in charge of this beacon of the “alt right” (aka neo-Nazis), will now be spending his days just steps from the Oval Office. At least AppNexus is standing up against their hate speech. The move comes on the heels of Twitter’s decision to mass suspend users who engage in hate speech.

Featured image via Media Matters

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