BREAKING: Whistleblower Comes Forward, Reveals John Bolton’s Damning Role In Cambridge Analytica Leak

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It appears that Donald Trump‘s new National Security Adviser John Bolton may have paid Cambridge Analytica to target Facebook users with the intent to change public opinion about supporting wars.

In an interview with the New York Times, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie released new information that claims Bolton’s super PAC, troubled by polling trends showing that an increasing number of Americans looked at war unfavorably, sought to engineer a new advertising campaign to make war more fashionable on Facebook.

“The Bolton PAC was obsessed with how America was becoming limp wristed and spineless and it wanted research and messaging for national security issues,” said Wylie, a data expert who was a key figure in the founding of Cambridge Analytica. “That really meant making people more militaristic in their worldview. That’s what they said they wanted, anyway.”

Bolton’s organization reportedly hired Cambridge Analytica just months after it was founded in 2014, and the company’s research for Bolton’s group became one of its go-to examples when pitching their services to new potential clients regarding the viability of its data harvesting techniques.

Emails shown to the Times also suggest that former Trump political strategist Steve Bannon had some part in setting up a channel between Bolton and Cambridge Analytica. According to the Times, Bannon’s name was mentioned explicitly in the subject header of one of the emails.

In the salacious torrent of scandals that is the Trump administration, people need to pause and pay particular attention to this matter. John Bolton is a dangerous man who now has the ear of a sitting U.S. president. His cavalier approach to war should be troubling enough, but the fact that he wants to secretly brainwash Americans using social media platforms like Facebook to support current and future U.S. military conflicts should terrify everyone.

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation closing in, Trump seems to have retreated into a political bunker, seeking to only surround himself with the most dangerous sycophants our money can buy. His obsession with unfettered “loyalty” could yet prove to be the lethal catalysts that lead America into another costly war.

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