BREAKING: Two Of Trump’s Top Advisors In Massive Feud; Administration Falling Apart

As Donald Trump’s first year in office comes to an end, his administration is still struggling to come to an agreement on just about every aspect of governing.

For instance, two of Trump’s main advisors on foreign policy and national security are reportedly “trying to force each other out of the administration” due to conflicting personalities.

According to Politico‘s Susan B. Glasser, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security adviser H.R. McMaster are locked in a “death struggle” as their disagreements on policies have forced the two to go to extreme measures.

A top Republican close to the administration revealed to Glasser that the two advisors have been in a constant dispute. Apparently, McMaster grew resentful of Tillerson for going around interagency norms and setting up a standing meeting with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

In the report, the senior Republican advisor stated:

It’s a snake pit. There are personality tensions between the president and Tillerson, between the president and McMaster, between McMaster and Tillerson. It’s broken and it’s going to have to be fixed one way or another. It can’t go on like this.”

Despite their differences, McMaster and Tillerson have one thing in common: Both have been sidelined by Trump. Recently, many critics have speculated that Tillerson was either resigning from his position or being pushed out by the White House. McMaster has also been targeted to leave his post, although pressure for him to resign seems to have lessened recently.

In all, Tillerson and McMaster are most likely the only sane people in Trump’s administration. If the rational people within his administration can’t get along, the White House is definitely in deep waters. Of course, Trump will not know how to properly handle the dispute between the two as he lacks the mental capacity. It’s only a matter of time until his entire administration deteriorates.

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