BREAKING: Trump Trash Talks With Guys On Golf Course, Makes Disturbing Comments


Everyone knows that President Trump loves to golf. Since assuming the presidency he has spent a remarkable 20% of his time visiting his own Trump-branded golf clubs while vacationing in Palm Beach near his Mar-a-Lago estate or in Bedminster, New Jersey at the Trump National Golf Club. That’s near one in every five days as president.

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Recently, President Trump was at his Bedminster course, as usual, and was trash talking with a bunch of guys who were members of his about the state of his presidency and why he goes golfing so much. He said he did it to get away because “that White House is a real dump.” He actually said that. Sports Illustrated is running the story in their Aug. 7, 2017, edition.

“Chatting with some members before a recent round of golf, [Trump] explained his frequent appearances: ‘That White House is a real dump.’”


The publication wrote that the president is “often at his most unguarded among the people who pay for their proximity to him.”

“Last November, the President-elect hosted a cocktail reception and dinner at Bedminster on the same weekend that he was holding interviews at the club with candidates for his cabinet,” reported. “At the dinner, Trump addressed the members of the club by saying, “This is my real group. You are the special people. I see all of you. I recognize, like, 100% of you, just about.’”


Apparently, Trump also gives special access to the White House to his ‘club members’ since they are who he really trusts. At the same dinner where he made the comments, he then issued an open invitation for them to drop in on his Cabinet interviews the very next day.

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