BREAKING: Trump Makes Fun Of 81-Year-Old Man In His Cabinet

President Donald Trump is not only attacking Democrats right now during day two of the government shut down. He’s also attacking one of his own cabinet members, 81-year-old Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

According to multiple sources, and Trump himself, Secretary Ross is falling asleep during several cabinet meetings at the White House. Now – Trump is openly speaking out about it, increasing the level of embarrassment for him.

“Wilbur has lost his step,” Trump told one of Axios sources while shaking his head. “Actually, he’s probably lost a lot of steps.”

Trump only picks the best, right?

This isn’t the first time Trump has gotten after him, either. Just six months into his presidency, Trump said he was making terrible deals with the Chinese while speaking in the Oval Office:

“These trade deals, they’re terrible,” Trump said, according to a source in the room for one of the meetings. “Your understanding of trade is terrible. Your deals are no good. No good.”

Trump is saying he doesn’t trust his own secretary to make deals for him anymore. That job has now been entrusted to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

One reason for Wilbur falling out of standing with the president, other than his falling asleep at the wheel, could be due to the fact that it was recently discovered Ross hide business interests with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s immediate family. He didn’t clearly disclose those interests when he was being confirmed for Trump’s cabinet position as is required.

Ross currently retains an interest in a shipping company who has a very important business relationship with a Russian energy firm controlled by Putin’s son-in-law, as well as several other members in Putin’s inner circle. That’s a big no-no.

Another revelation about Ross is that he was removed from Forbes magazine billionaires list after his net worth didn’t measure up.

“After examining the financial-disclosure forms he filed after his nomination to President Donald Trump’s Cabinet,” Forbes reporter Dan Alexander writes, His net-worth sits around $700 million instead.

That could be another reason Trump doesn’t respect him as much anymore.

Sources close to Trump say he no longer thinks of Ross as a “killer” negotiator and he’s currently “been sucking up for months to get back into the president’s good graces.”

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