BREAKING: Top Fox News Personality Shows Up On Trump Payroll Records

It’s no secret that Donald Trump adores Fox News because they lie for him in the stories they report. Finding angles to make him seem like he’s actually a great President. So, basically, the FAKE NEWS that Trump loves to speaks of.

People always question why the hell would these top journalists and political commentators throw their careers on the line for this man. Well, that’s because he’s paying these folks and we have receipts.  According to NPR, Mark Serrano, a conservative political consultant was on the payroll of the Trump 2020 re-election campaign this spring, while also defending the president in political commentary on the Fox Business Network.

This all makes sense. Especially because who in their right mind would really defend Trump’s crooked ways and bad decisions? Someone who is getting paid big bucks to, that’s who. Trump’s 2020 campaign made two payments to Serrano’s company, ProActive Communications LLC: $20,000 on April 17 of this year and $10,000 on May 30. And that was at a time the top commentator was making frequent appearances on the Fox Business Network to back his buddy, Trump.

Just back in May, Serrano was defending Trump’s twitter habit while talking to Fox’s Neil Cavuto, saying,

 “The president turns to Twitter for a very good reason. You know, it’s because he knows that the American people don’t believe this fake news story about Russian collusion.”

Well, Mark if that were true, how do explain the fact amid this Russia scandal, Trump’s had the lowest six-month approval rating of any president in polls dating back 70 years. ABCNews reported last month that 72 percent think Trump benefited from the collusion, and 67 percent think members of his campaign intentionally helped those efforts.

The Washington Post was the first to blow up Serrano’s spot. Then he got in his feelings, took a page from Trump and called the story fake news. He also released a statement via Twitter saying,

What I find unbelievable and troubling is that at a time with serious challenges facing our country, The Post wants to focus on this Fake News. Stories such as this make me more committed than ever to support the President and his ambitious positive agenda for America.

Even with the proof of the shady business relationship Serrano and Trump have, he still denies it. The Post even tried contacting Serrano by phone to get his statement on this matter, like a journalists do, but they never got a callback. So stop all your theatrics Serrano, you were caught red handed. This goes to show that you and other Fox News affiliates aren’t CREDIBLE.  On top of that, it’s clear Trump’s foundation is crumbling as he has to resort to paying people to support him. Just pathetic.

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