BREAKING: Things Just Got Worse For Trump Jr.; He Can’t Escape This New Evidence Of Treason

This has to be the worst week ever for Donald Trump Jr. NOTHING is going right for him. No matter he is trying to play cool, there seems to be a little sweat on his brow. Especially with this latest development.

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Everyone should know about the New York Times Article that tied Trump Jr. to Russia.  Then came the emails of the meeting. After that, it was revealed that there more folks involved in the meeting. And today, The Hill reports that the Trump campaign paid Trump Jr.’s lawyer before his visit to Russia.

According to The Hill, President Trump’s official campaign paid Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer roughly two weeks before it was revealed the president’s son had taken part in a meeting with a Russian lawyer, according to new FEC filings.

The FEC filing shows that Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. disbursed $50,000 for “legal consulting” to Alan Futerfas’s law firm on June 27, 2017.

Now, Reuters actually mentioned Futerfas in their report Monday, stating that he was Trump Jr.’s lawyer but didn’t say when he took the position.

Sounds like his lawyer now needs a lawyer. They are all involved in treason. They are traitors! Get them out of the White House and into orange suits.


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