BREAKING: Source Says That Fox News Will Soon Be Under Investigation Over Claims Of Russian Propaganda

After the high-profile FBI raid on the offices of Michael Cohen — a “lawyer” who is exposed daily as more of simply a “fixer” than someone you might retain to help you with, say, tax law or a divorce — the aftermath produced more than one interesting result.

First, the reaction by Donald Trump to evidence being seized from his personal attorney’s office was so over-the-top that it became hard to imagine there isn’t something he is horrified at the prospect of becoming public. Then, the hearing prompted by the massive evidence-grab provided an opportunity for Stormy Daniels and her own attorney, Michael Avenatti, to face down Cohen — who Ms. Daniels has accused of sending someone to threaten her into silence — face to face in public.

But the biggest thing to come out of the Monday hearing wasn’t the color of Stormy’s suit or the confirmation that Cohen, a deputy RNC finance chairman, had arranged a $1.6 million payment on behalf of another deputy RNC finance chairman, to cover up yet another affair by a hypocrite Republican, despite the fact that the Republican National Committee has yet to comment on the fact that either man worked for them.

No, the big news was Sean Hannity.

Forced by Judge Kimbra Wood to, after some pushback, finally reveal his entire client list, Michael Cohen’s retainer schedule was amazingly short: Trump, of course, the aforementioned Republican adulterer Elliot Broidy, and — surprise! — Fox News talking head Sean Hannity.

The revelation prompted not just gasps inside the courtroom, but some untimely responses from the exposed network star that may preclude him from claiming any sort of attorney-client privilege in the future if any of the seized evidence turns out to implicate him in anything — namely, the fact that he denied Cohen was his lawyer.

But according to John Schindler, a former NSA analyst and counterintelligence professional, Mr. Hannity has more to worry about than whether his cell phone has Cohen on speed dial. Back in January, Schindler wrote,

“Intelligence Community friends have told me that Sean Hannity has been under counterintelligence investigation for some time, based on his clandestine ties to Moscow.”

That’s not much of a surprise if you’ve been following along with the spy-novel-like saga of Hannity, Trump, and Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who’s been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy hiding from charges of rape and espionage. WikiLeaks’ connection to the Kremlin is at this point accepted by everyone in the intelligence community, and Assange’s overt efforts to assist Donald Trump during the election have been all but admitted by the fugitive. And his contact with Sean Hannity via Twitter — most recently a passing reference to Democrat Mark Warner and a suggestion that he and Hannity speak via “other channels” without further explanation, suggesting a deeper relationship than any might previously have suspected — clearly paints Hannity into a corner regarding the spread of Kremlin-authored disinformation as well.

So why is Fox News still employing Hannity? After all, this week alone has been worse for Sean’s credibility than his 22 years on the right-wing network.

We don’t know yet, but Schindler believes that it’s about to land the pro-Trump channel in the crosshairs of not just the Mueller investigation, but federal authorities seeking to know why an American channel would be airing Russian propaganda.

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