BREAKING: Republicans Break Law With New Health Bill; America Screwed

When Republicans come to Washington D.C. it can easily be said that nine times out of ten, they serve their corporate and wealthy donors and not the best interest of the American people.

No greater example of this can be found than in what was just determined by the Congressional Budget Office regarding the new GOP health care plan.

According to Bloomberg:

“The GOP health bill promises lower premiums for consumers. To get there, it would require patients in standard plans to spend as much as about $13,000 upfront on their own care.”

Let’s put that into a real world example:

That’s right. Their deductible would be more than they make in a year. That’s how cruel the Republican plan is. You see, Obama’s Affordable Care Act was designed to be implemented in all 50 states. So, when states didn’t comply with the law, it left their citizens to fend for themselves.

Bloomberg reports:

“The bill, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act, would raise costs for many people with private coverage and slash Medicaid spending, CBO said Thursday. The measure evaluated by CBO didn’t include a key proposal backed by Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz designed to give individuals more coverage options, but it could be added later, according to a Republican aide. Insurers have said the amendment would undermine insurance markets and end protections for sick people.”


“The deductibles would be so high, in fact, that they’d violate maximums set in U.S. law, an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Thursday. Under Obamacare, by comparison, an individual in a standard plan would have a deductible of roughly $5,000.”

via Bloomberg

In comparison:

“The high deductibles are another key reason for the coverage declines foreseen by CBO. Under Obamacare, a person who makes $26,500 a year could buy a health plan with a deductible of about $800, thanks to special subsidies for low-income people. Those subsidies, known as cost-sharing reductions, are eliminated in the Senate bill. Under the BCRA, that person would face a $13,000 deductible, roughly half their income. CBO figures, therefore, that they probably wouldn’t buy an insurance plan.”

Basically, the Republican health care plan will cut taxes for the wealthy while literally leaving the poor without access to care because they will be priced out. It’s cruel and negligent. Not to forget the fact that it breaks the law.

We need to make sure this bill doesn’t have a chance at passing.

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