BREAKING: Melania Is ‘Trapped’ In Hotel As Protestors Surround The Building At G20 (DETAILS)

It has just been reported that Melania Trump is trapped inside of her hotel due to protestors surrounding the building.

Melania and Donald Trump were supposed to be involved in a G20 Summit event created by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s husband, specifically for meant for spouses of leaders, however as reported by The Independent, a spokesperson for the US delegation says they were unable to get clearance for the First Lady to leave the hotel.

The First Lady did take to Twitter share that she was safe and also sent condolences to those who affected in the protest.

Glad Melania’s safe, but where is her husband. Get this, according to The Independent, Trump left her behind and made it to the summit without her.

President Trump made it to the summit on time after driving through the city at a fast speed under heavy police escort.

He was determined to make it to that G20 event for spouses… even without his wife. Pretty selfish of him if you really look at it. Isn’t a husband supposed to protect? Then again maybe Melania didn’t feel like representing Trump today.



Demonstrators face policemen during a protest on July 7, 2017 in Hamburg, northern Germany, where leaders of the world’s top economies gather for a G20 summit.

The protest titled  “Welcome to Hell”  is part of a number of rallies against both the G20 summit taking place in the city during Trump’s arrival. Currently, 76 people have been injured during the protest. Hopefully, German authorities are able to get things under control and all world leaders including ours stay safe.

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