BREAKING: Massive Arrests In Congress Today (VIDEO)


Protests have erupted all over Capitol Hill today over the Republican health care bill. Currently, more than 40 arrests have been made but that number could rise when Capitol Police put out a statement later.

U.S. Capitol Police were filmed arresting protestors outside several GOP Senators offices saying they “refused to cease and desist.” Police released a statement saying they were being “charged with D.C. Code §22-1307, Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.”

Several of them were put into handcuffs with zip-ties before being dragged away.

Republican Senator Rob Portman dismissed the horrible actions and personally requested that police not touch the people visiting his office, protesters or not.

The activists were targeting a select group of senator offices, including Pat Toomey (R-Penn.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Cory Gardner (R-Col.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).


One protester was hauled away yelling: “Kill the bill, don’t kill me!”

Outside Senator Marco Rubio’s office, more than a dozen chanted:  “Health care is a human right!” and carried signs that said “Trump-Care = Death.”

Here’s a video of protesters inside Senator Portman’s office, telling him to “not save money for millionaires.”

The latest string of arrests comes after 43 protesters were arrested last week for “obstructing passage through the hallway and into nearby offices” outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel’s office. They threw themselves on the ground from their wheelchairs in order to make a statement about the “death care bill” currently still being considered that is estimated to take away healthcare from an estimated 22 million Americans, as well as initiate $772 billion in cuts to Medicaid.

The activists claim that the demonstrations will continue throughout the day and that they are even planning another protest on Thursday.

Currently, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is postponing a vote on the bill and it is not expected to be taken up again until after the July 4th holiday break.

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Now is not the time to sit quietly by. The weekend break will give Republicans an opportunity to negotiate backroom secret deals, so we must keep the pressure up on them.

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