BREAKING: Looks Like Meuller Has The Goods On Trump As He Impanels A Grand Jury In Russia Probe

The ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has long been a thorn in Donald Trump’s side. He admitted on national television that this was what he was thinking of when he fired James Comey. Trump also went after one of his earliest and most loyal allies, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and said that he’d have never nominated Sessions to be Attorney General if he had know that Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia probe. Trump seems to believe that it was, at least in part, Sessions’ recusal that led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Now, it seems that Mueller has stepped up his probe into Trump, and he just may have found something. It is now being reported by multiple media outlets that Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the probe. That usually means that he has found something criminal regarding Team Trump’s possible collusion with the Russian government in order to tip the 2016 election. This particular grand jury is especially unusual, because the paper that broke the story, the Wall Street Journal, is suggesting that instead of using a generic grand jury that hears a lot of cases, Mueller has impaneled his own grand jury just for the Russia probe.

Of course, Team Trump will continue to push back, and will keep calling Mueller’s investigation into his Russian connections a “witch hunt.” It’s not, of course, but that won’t stop them from doing all they can to discredit Robert Mueller. Hell, they are even looking into Muller’s team to try to find dirt on the people investigating the Russia matter.

However, if Trump tries to go around Congress and get Mueller fired, it seems that Congress is willing to draw a red line and flex their muscles in order to get Mueller reinstated so that he and his team can continue their work. Hopefully, there is overwhelming support for this and the Republicans in Congress grow a spine, stick to their guns, and put country before party.

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