BREAKING: Federal Judge Shuts Down Trump Executive Order

U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson has granted a temporary restraining order that effectively blocks the most recent version of Donald Trump’s much maligned travel ban. It appears that the President may have gone against immigration law by issuing the ruling that affects citizens from 8 countries 6 of which are predominantly Muslim countries.


The ruling was delivered shortly before the new deadline was due to take effect and is yet another blow to the Trump administration and their consistent attempts to block immigration from Muslim countries.

The travel ban has gone through several revisions in its short life and has been stopped via the judicial route on every occasion thus far, with campaigners insisting that the law is racist by nature and not in keeping with the constitution of the United States.

Even before he entered the White House the controversial president had promised to “fix” the problem with immigration from Muslim countries and had harnessed this anti-immigrant feeling to deliver himself all the way to becoming the President. Many of his critics have taken aim at his use of immigrants as targets for his laws. But with an increase in terrorist attacks, Trump has managed to garner this hostility into a political movement of populism that was extremely effective in getting Trump to the White House.

The future of the much maligned bill is now far from certain and it may now be a case of backing away quietly from the ban to focus on some of his more deliverable ideas. The much vaunted wall is perhaps next on the agenda and seemingly has a far better chance of actually breaking ground. Trump’s critics smell blood though and are unlikely to let him forget about these losses which are not insignificant considering the weight he put behind them in his run to the White House.

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