BREAKING: Democrats Raid The Senate Floor To Stop GOP And Save Healthcare For 23 Million


Democrats have just taken over the Senate. They are going to speak non-stop all night on the Senate floor in an attempt to stop Republicans and the Trump administration from taking away health insurance for more than 23 million Americans.

Democrats raided the floor because they essentially have 10 business days to slow down Republicans with very little time to push through the measure to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Senator Chuck Schumer kicked off the session with a blistering attack on the GOP for attempting to pass Trumpcare in secret. So far, they have held virtually no public hearings on the matter, and have refused to allow their Democratic colleagues any access to the language in the bill.

Here’s Senator Schumer saying they will slow down everything Republicans do in the Senate:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican leadership tried to justify their secret dealings by saying that was essentially what the Democrats had done under Obamacare and they were just simply doing the same thing. But, that’s not what the facts show.

Senator Al Franken dismissed this argument on its face by saying:

“When we wrote the Affordable Care Act years ago, we had 100s of hours of public hearings, adopted 160+ GOP amendments and then had hours of debate on the Senate floor.”

Despite the all night marathon, Democrats also plan on blocking routine business matters. They aren’t playing around anymore. And, there’s good news, too. Republicans have very little room in order to swing a simple majority vote – they can only lose two of their party members’ if no Democrats join their cause to help pass Trumpcare.

Watch the LIVE session here:

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