BREAKING: Congress Allows Part Of Trump’s Racist Travel Ban To Begin

While many Americans are opposed to the idea of giving Donald Trump the power to issue his racist travel ban, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed the ban to partially go into effect, exempting persons with ‘bona fide relationships’ to the US as defined by the US Supreme Court.

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According to Reuters, U.S. court officials granted a Trump administration request to “block a lower court decision that had put the new ban on hold.” The ruling affects people from countries such as: Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad. It does not affect people from the two other countries listed in Trump’s ban, North Korea and Venezuela.

Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times Adam Liptak tweeted:

The executive order released on September 24 is the third travel ban to come out of the White House since January. Trump has justified the decision by citing security requirements and lack of proper information-sharing and vetting procedures in the countries affected. This decision by the Ninth Circuit comes as a huge surprise, as several plaintiffs, refugee resettlement organizations, and human rights groups have challenged the travel bans from the very beginning. They argue that Trump’s campaign statement disqualifies him from barring Muslims from entering the US, not to mention the fact that this ban is no more than a discrimination tactic used by the White House.

In fact, more than half of voters oppose of Trump’s Muslim ban. This just goes to show how completely far out there some district judges are. The case in the Ninth Circuit is being heard by Judges Michael Daly Hawkins, Ronald M. Gould and Richard A. Paez, who were all appointed by former President Bill Clinton.

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