BREAKING: Conflicting Reports Of Shots Fired Caused Panic In LAX Airport (TWEETS)

At about 9:00 PM local time, Los Angeles International Airport was in chaos as shots were reported. The LAX Police went into action, emptying at least two terminals, one onto the tarmac. Twitter lit up almost immediately as people hid in confusion.

One person took a picture of the tarmac with evacuated passengers gathered:

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JP Mangalindan, a finance reporter with Yahoo, thought that the shooting originated in the baggage area:

LAX Police did a remarkable job keeping everyone calm. They responded very fast, as one person noted:

The FAA responded by closing the airport to all incoming and outgoing flights. This has, of course, backed up air traffic. But better safe than sorry is the thinking. Some flights were re-routed:

The people managed to evacuate in an almost orderly fashion, many following TSA agents to safety.

After a thorough search, no shooter was found. But LAX Police did find this guy:

By 9:45 local time, the all-clear was given:

People had to go through security again, but nobody was harmed and all systems worked as they should. It was a successful “drill,” maybe?

And someone managed to even make a joke:

So, no. There turned out to be no shooter. It was a false alarm. This time. But, in light of a similar event earlier this month in JFK airport, it’s a wonder someone wasn’t trampled to death.

What does this say about America that something like this feels almost normal?

Featured Image via Ross Greenberg on Twitter

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