Breaking: America In Shock After Cohen’s Third Mystery Client Is Revealed (DETAILS)

Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen had to appear in court Monday and it was quite the spectacle, with adult film actress Stormy Daniels’ in attendance. A gasp was reportedly heard inside the courtroom when Cohen’s third mystery client was revealed. “The client is a publicly prominent individual,” Cohen’s lawyer Steve Ryan said before his identity was revealed. Cohen’s lawyers wanted to keep it under wraps but the judge pushed on and the court finally heard his third client’s name: Sean Hannity.

“We have been friends a long time. I have sought legal advice from Michael,” the Fox News host told the Wall Street Journal.

That explanation isn’t going to cut it because Hannity and/or Cohen’s lawyers wanted this information kept from the public for some reason.

Cohen was at a hearing in which his attorneys are challenging the FBI’s seizure of documents that he claims are protected by attorney-client privilege. Cohen’s main client is Donald Trump; his second client in recent years is  Elliot Broidy, a Republican fundraiser.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Cohen negotiated non-disclosure agreements with Trump and Broidy’s alleged mistresses so we’re left wondering what business Hannity had with Trump’s attorney who seems to specialize in is keeping women quiet by paying them hush money. So, does Hannity have a baby mama problem?

Shepard Smith just said on Fox News, “Hannity’s producers are working to contact him,” as the news breaks that he’s Michael Cohen’s third, previously unnamed client. The network has some damage control to do.

Hannity has been one of the Trump’s most vocal on-air defenders, and a critic of Mueller’s probe as he lashes out at the Department of Justice, the FBI, and Rosenstein. Trump often calls Hannity after his Fox News program, according to media reports. We’re sure he’s probably calling him now.

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