Brand-New Conservative Poll Isn’t Just Bad News For Both Trump And Pence – It’s HUMILIATING


What happens if Trump goes down in the Russia scandal (or resigns, or…)? Mike Pence becomes President unless he, too, goes down with Trump. Should that happen, though, Pence has a major uphill battle ahead of him: Nobody in America thinks he’ll be any better than Trump. Or, as far as polling is concerned, nobody likes him. Rasmussen, which leans conservative in its polling, found that not only do Democrats think Pence would be at least as bad as Trump, but so do Republicans.

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Ouch. According to the poll, only a quarter of Republicans surveyed believe Pence is fit to replace Trump. That’s comparable to the number of Democrats and independents who feel that way. Rasmussen says that’s interesting, and they’re not wrong. Ordinarily, we’d expect to see Republicans backing Pence in far higher numbers than anybody else.

That’s a sharp drop from April, when 63 percent of voters surveyed believed Pence was qualified to be the president.

What makes this news even more humiliating for Pence is that there’s a strong possibility he has been actively laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign of his own. Pence has been traveling around the country, specifically visiting swing states and holding campaign-style rallies with potential allies like Sen. Marco Rubio along for the ride. Trump has appeared at some of these rallies, and no doubt Pence is pitching his activities as supporting his boss.

But he also launched his own PAC back in May, and while he could be using it to help fund Republican candidates for 2018, it also allows him to travel and campaign a mere six months into Trump’s presidency. With the Russia scandal enveloping Trump and everything he does, Pence may see writing on the wall regarding his own path to the White House.

But with polling numbers like these, from a conservative organization that also found Trump’s approval rating is still below average for this point in a presidency, Pence has a long road ahead of him. Honestly, it’d be better if he went down with Trump.

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