BOMBSHELL: Trump Ally Enlisted White Supremacist ‘Journalist’ To Get Info From Russians

At this point, “treason” is an appropriate word to describe what went on with Donald Trump Jr. and a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer. But he wasn’t the only one of Trump’s dwindling set of allies to collude with Team Putin.

As Don Jr. was attempting to get damaging information aboutHillary Clinton, a GOP operative tied to Michael Flynn was trying to get hands on hacked Hillary Clinton emails from Russian hackers. Opposition researcher Peter Smith found at least two hackers with the information and  “told all the groups to give them to WikiLeaks.”

This information came as federal investigators probed reports that show “Russian hackers discussing how to obtain emails from Mrs. Clinton’s server and then transmit them to Mr. Flynn via an intermediary.”

One of the people who helped Smith in his venture was white supremacist “journalist, “internet troll and former Breitbart “reporter”  Charles C. Johnson. Politico reports that Johnson and his former business partner, Pax Dickinson, agreed to help Smith but were unable to track down the emails:

Johnson said he and Smith stayed in touch, discussing “tactics and research” regularly throughout the presidential campaign, and that Smith sought his help tracking down Clinton’s emails. “He wanted me to introduce to him to Bannon, to a few others, and I sort of demurred on some of that,” Johnson said. “I didn’t think his operation was as sophisticated as it needed to be and I thought it was good to keep the campaign as insulated as possible.”

Instead, Johnson said, he put the word out to a “hidden oppo network” of right-leaning opposition researchers to notify them of the effort. Johnson declined to provide the names of any of the members of this “network,” but he praised Smith’s ambition.

“The magnitude of what he was trying to do was kind of impressive,” Johnson said. “He had people running around Europe, had people talking to Guccifer.” (U.S. intelligence agencies have linked the materials provided by “Guccifer 2.0”—an alias that has taken credit for hacking the Democratic National Committee and communicated with Republican operatives, including Trump confidant Roger Stone—to Russian government hackers.)

Johnson has been permanently banned on Twitter for his numerous racist remarks, threats, and general horribleness. The last straw was when Johnson told supporters to “take out” a prominent African-American activist.

Isn’t it interesting that Trump’s allies have such heavy support from actual, literal Nazis?

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