Bette Midler Hilariously Mocks Trump For His Nonsensical Attacks On Obama And Clinton (TWEETS)

Lately, in an effort to distract from his growing ‘Russia’ problems, Donald Trump has been falling back on the same stuff that helped him convince a minority of the population to kinda-sorta make him President with a lot of help from Vladimir Putin and an archaic electoral system that was set up to protect slave owners’ right to own people — idiotic attacks on President Obama and the woman he asked Russia to hack on stage during one of the presidential debates.

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Recently, Trump has gone so far as to accuse Obama of colluding with Russia and, in perhaps the dumbest tweet he has ever sent, Hillary Clinton of colluding with her own party.

As is tradition, Bette Midler hopped on Twitter to make fun of Trump’s dumbass tweets.

“Trump is tweeting about Hillary being crooked again,” Midler said. “He always projects. I’m surprised he hasn’t called her orange.”

“Well, one thing is perfectly clear right now; is being eaten alive by jealousy of his predecessor, Pres. Obama,” she added. “Fascinating to watch.”

Something must really be bothering The Donald lately — like the fact that he and everyone around him is under investigation for something involving Russia.

At this point, all that we can really do is rub his stupidity in his big orange face.

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