Ben Carson Makes The Most Disgusting Statement During Homeless Shelter Visit; This Is Unbelievable

Ben Carson, who serves as the secretary of the Department of Housing And Urban Development, doesn’t believe in housing low-income citizens. Let that sink in…

Carson has been traveling throughout the U.S. for several weeks meeting with low-income citizens, who heavily rely on the government for assistance.

According to the New York Times, it seemed as though his listening tour was geared more towards a photo op or a publicly stunt.

“It was staged. It was so fast,” said 87-year-old Alzene Munnerlyn. Trump’s pick paid a visit to her apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio, on the second day of the tour. After she was priced out of her apartment, Munneryln now lives in senior housing, paid for in part with a voucher. She explains:

“There needs to be a forum where you can just sit and talk with him, and he could ask you how you feel and then you could express yourself.”

The Times reported that Munnerlyn was upset and she felt as if she had been used–while Ben Carson and many others from Trump’s administration  took pictures in her living room.

And it only gets worse.

Carson, who has no prior experience in running any kind of federal agency whatsoever, has acknowledged that government-funded housing is not something poor Americans should rely on. Like most insensitive Republicans, Carson feels as though people who work harder in life will achieve greater success. Although the former surgeon says that to promote motivation and inspire Americans to work hard, it could easily be interpreted differently. Its not like low income Americans asked to be poor–those were the cards they were dealt. And yes, few do abuse the system, but most Americans need government-funded housing assistance to make it back on their feet and to find a lifestyle that fits their families budget plan or whatever the case may be. Carson has zero empathy for those who are trying their best to make it through life.

It’s not as simple as “work hard and you will be rewarded,”–especially when there is systemic racism, sexism, poor education, or people who suffer from illnesses. The solution is to change the system, but that is just too hard for Republicans so naturally, it’s easier to blame the poor for being poor.




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