Baseball Announcer ROASTS Chris Christie At Mets Game As Crowd Boos The NJ Governor (VIDEO)

After New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided he would close New Jersey beaches for everyone except himself he hasn’t exactly been beloved by those whom he governs. Or for that metter, pretty much anyone else. So, when Christie recently attended a Mets game at Citi Field as they played the St. Louis Cardinals, he wasn’t exactly greeted with a warm reception.

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You see, at the top of the 3rd inning there was a foul ball hit into the crowd. Who caught it? None other than Chris Christie himself. However, the crowd didn’t cheer whatsoever. In fact, they booed him.

Then, to add insult to a situation that very much deserved insult, the sports announcer giving the play-by-play of the game threw in a pretty damn funny jab at the NJ Governor. He said:

“Nice to see him get from the beach here to the ballpark.”


Christie is likely never going to live down the moment he decided he’s above his own rules.

Watch the hilarious video of the foul ball catch here:


Featured image via video screen capture

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