Barron Trump Just Gave His Dad One Hell Of a F*ck You When He Got To The White House (VIDEO)

Ever since he was the only person in a crowd of thousands to show the slightest bit of discomfort when one of his father’s supporters called for President Barack Obama’s death at a campaign rally, Barron Trump has set himself apart from the basket of deplorables that is the Trump family. Though he has spent months completely neglecting his son as he focused on banning Muslims from the country and ruining our relationships with all of our allies, the White House announced on Sunday that Melania and Barron are finally moving into the White House.

When Melania and the youngest Trump arrived at the big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in which The Donald spends some of his time that isn’t otherwise spent golfing and handling classified information in front of waiters at the Mar-a-Lago, two things were clear: 1.) While Melania finally  held her husband’s hand, she was clearly choking back vomit while doing so and 2.) Barron, after being away from his dad for months, didn’t even look at President Daddy.

Here’s a video of their touching arrival:

Barron can be seen darting past his father then actively looking everywhere but at him as Melania forces herself to hold her husband’s hand and Trump waves.

Trump, sadly, did not so much as acknowledge Barron.

Naturally, everyone noticed the complete lack of bliss in the Trump family:

Barron’s nonreaction to seeing a father who doesn’t care about him, of course, is natural — after all, if Trump was your dad wouldn’t you be ashamed of him?

Trump’s latest attempt to use his son and wife for positive publicity failed miserably. It’s obvious to even the most casual observer that they’re just not that into him.

Just for fun, here’s a video of Barron Trump showing more shock and horror than anyone even remotely associated with Trump when one of his dad’s supporters yells “Kill Obama.”

He truly is the best that family has to offer.

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