AUDIO: Republican Lawmaker Really Wants To Shoot And Kill Female GOP Senators Who Oppose Trumpcare

A knuckle-dragging Texas Republican is advocating gun violence against female GOP senators who refused to support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

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As we all know, the Republican healthcare plan is a disaster that would strip healthcare from millions of Americans and cause premiums to skyrocket. The CBO score of the Trumpcare bill and massive protests against it was so bad that enough Republicans decided to oppose it.

Those brave senators include Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Shelly Moore-Capito. However, Rep. Blake Farenthold appeared to threaten Collins in particularly by fantasizing about killing her in a duel.

“Some of the people that are opposed to this — there are some female senators from the northeast,” Farenthold said during a radio interview. “If it was a guy from south Texas I might ask them to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr-style.”

Aaron Burr is known for killing Alexander Hamilton in one of the most infamous duels in American history.

The fact that a sitting Republican congressman is even suggesting that gun violence be used to advance Trump’s agenda is frightening.

And Trump supporters could end up making an attempt on these women’s lives just because of Farenthold’s remarks.

You can listen to the audio via ThinkProgress.

There seriously needs to be consequences for lawmakers who say things like this. Congress should immediately censure Farenthold or kick him out.

This is unacceptable rhetoric that Farenthold should be held accountable for. He owes these women, especially Collins, a public apology.

That being said, Republicans must be getting truly desperate if they are starting to think about resorting to violence to get their own way. If Republicans really want to pass a healthcare bill, the answer is simple. Write a good bill instead of continuing to try to pass a bad one.

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