Audio Of Trump Reveals The Russian Dossier – AKA ‘Pee Pee Tape’ – May Be Absolutely Real (VIDEO)

Ever since Buzzfeed released the now infamous Russian Dossier, people have been left wondering if any or all of it is true. And now, it looks as though the person who is likely confirming that it is, is none other than Donald Trump himself.

If you’ll recall, the Russian Dossier contained very damaging information pertaining to Donald Trump and his campaign. Including the revelation that there may have been an insight into Trump’s sex life and what he may or may not have done in Russian hotel rooms (aka the ‘pee pee tapes’). And if the parts surrounding the Trump campaign’s effort to make sure Hillary Clinton lost are true, well, then so might be the rest of the dossier.

In some audio played on MSNBC, Trump makes it appear as though he was essentially blackmailed by former FBI Director James Comey. However, in doing so, it looks like there was something to blackmail Trump with — the dossier.

Here’s the damaging audio:


What impression did Trump think we were gonna get from all that? That he’s innocent of all wrongdoing? Hell, he seems to implicate himself that there was something Comey has on him that he doesn’t want to be revealed.

The upcoming weeks and months are certainly going to be very, very interesting.

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