At Night Club, Trump Advisor Makes Explosive New Claims About Attorney General Sessions

At a Chicago nightclub, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos made explosive new claims against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Papadopoulos told an acquaintance in confidence (which he thought) that Sessions was well aware of his contact with high-level connections with President Putin in Russia.

Not only that but Sessions allegedly “encouraged” him to find out anything he could to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, after being informed that the Russians had “thousands of emails” that could supposedly derail her in the 2016 presidential elections.

Remember – Sessions has said under oath multiple times that he has “not colluded” or had any contacts with the Russians. During his extensive testimony before Congress, he said this repeatedly. When he was later found out to not have revealed all his contacts, he amended his original testimony to state that he simply “didn’t remember” the meetings he had.

The source, Jason Wilson, who talked with Think Progress, is a computer engineer who lives in Chicago. He’s the one who had the conversation with Papadopoulos.

Here is how he ended up talking to Papadopoulos, according to the publication:

Wilson said he recognized Papadopoulos and his wife Simona Mangiante at Hydrate, a Chicago nightclub, on Thursday night at approximately 11 p.m. Wilson sat down their table and introduced himself. He said the couple, who were drinking vodka, were extremely friendly and a bit flattered that Wilson had recognized them.

After some conversation about the city and their marriage, Wilson turned the topic to the Russia investigation, asking Papadopoulos whether he thought Wilson would be disappointed when all the facts came out. Papadopoulos responded that things were “just getting started” and emphasized Sessions’ role, particularly his connection to Papadopoulos’ contacts with Mifsud.

Wilson provided ThinkProgress with a photo of Papadopoulos, Mangiante, and himself outside of Hydrate. The bar’s address is visible over Papadopoulos’ shoulder.

Expect Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be all over this, if this isn’t already in his possession, which is still under seal.

We at least know that this source isn’t lying about coming into contact with the former Trump aide.

This story is still developing.

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