As News Of N. Korea’s Mini Nukes Comes Out, Trump Tweets About Accomplishments AGAIN

Sometimes I wish that Donald Trump had something “better to do with his life” than write idiotic, childish tweets. Back in July, Trump took Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator, to task over his missile tests:

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Now it turns out that Kim did have better things to do than test missiles — he built more of them. Miniaturized nuclear warheads, to be precise. According to breaking news from the Washington Post, the U.S. government now believes that the eastern dictatorship is in possession of up to 60 nuclear weapons. The Post says that Japan has now confirmed the same conclusion through their own analysis: that Kim Jong Un has miniaturized warheads to fit inside North Korean missiles, which have been successfully tested as recently as a month ago.

So what did Donald Trump have to say about it? After all, on Monday during a ten-hour tweetstorm, the president lamented the “fake news” not reporting on his actions with North Korea:

Instead, Trump is tweeting on Tuesday about — what else — himself.

Maybe Trump can take a little time away from his totally-not-a-vacation to address this grave new threat. Or maybe he’ll just go back to Twitter.

Featured image via Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

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