As G20 Meets To Discuss Global Issues, Trump Is Still Tweeting About Hillary’s Emails

Friday morning, at 9 AM Hamburg, Germany time, Donald Trump went on another of his trademark tweetstorms. In Germany for the G20 Summit, Trump should have plenty to think about, especially since the meeting isn’t about him, but the world. I think you know what comes next, because in Trumpville, everything is about him. He started with the usual fare (for Trump, not for a normal person), as his daily communique with his supporters began as a recap:

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Okay, apart from the “haters” bit, and the part where he delusionally thinks he got “great reviews” for a day in which he insulted America abroad, skipped the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, and just generally acted like a jackass, this isn’t really out of the ordinary (again, for him). Then Trump made clear that he didn’t have world business on his mind. Almost as though he thought anyone would believe him, or that it wouldn’t come out that he was lying eventually, he went to town:

No, Donnie. Nobody at the freaking G20 Summit is talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails. But he set it up so that even when news agencies do pick up the story, he can claim they’re just “not reporting it”:

Wedged just before that last tweet, however, was the tip-off for what he’s really looking forward to — Meeting with Vladimir Putin. Is anyone else a little worried about a guy who blew past a thousand documented lies during his presidency a month ago meeting with an ex-KGB agent?

Much to discuss, indeed.

If Trump doesn’t bring up Russian interference in the 2016 election when he meets with Putin, we’ll all know that none of the discussion has anything to do with making America great again.

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