Artists From 75 Countries Show Us What They Think Of Trump, And It Is GLORIOUS (VIDEO)


The world does not have a high opinion of Donald Trump, and really, is it any wonder? He’s not just a complete disgrace to the U.S., but he’s also dangerous. The world has zero confidence in him, and they see him as a laughingstock. The media outlets of some countries have zero qualms about publishing long stories that basically list all the reasons Trump should resign from office.

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And artists aren’t just trying to capture that. They’re also trying to capture just how much of a clown they think he is (don’t worry, world, the sane people of the U.S. think he’s a clown too). At a cartoon exhibition, over 1,000 artists from 75 countries displayed their portrayals of Donald Trump, and many of them aren’t especially flattering.

In fact, some of them are perfect expressions of the national embarrassment he is. These artists see him debasing, and even destroying, the country that once led the free world and served as a beacon of hope, and show how undignified he is when he’s out in public. Trump thinks he’s amazing. The rest of the world? Not so much. Take a look below:

Featured image via Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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