Anti-Trump Halloween Decoration Is Breaking The Internet; The Reactions Are Priceless (VIDEO)

A New York man has set off his neighbors because of his message to Trump that is apparently too direct for their tastes– “Trump, Burn In Hell.”

The decoration gracing the Cortlandt, New York home is so triggering, that some a local Trump fans want the Halloween decoration taken it down, and the homeowner ousted from the community altogether. USA Today reports that the tombstone decoration is one of five on the lawn belonging to Fabian Vergara, who lives in the home with his wife and two children.

Allegedly it was put up as a joke, with Vergara saying that he was “doing it for fun,” reminding naysayers that there was nothing wrong with the decoration and that “it’s a free country.”

What Country Is He Even From?

Vergara is from Ecuador, and is now an American citizen. But that piece of information flies over the head of neighbor Theresa Gucciardo-Perry, who was so disgusted that she asked the city to take the decoration down. She wanted to see how far she could go with the situation, saying that she would “want to know how far freedom of speech goes.” Vergara was all for taking down the decoration, until Gucciardo-Perry had to complain and confront him about it, telling him to “go back to his own country.”

There is plenty nationalistic talk plaguing the United States, largely galvanized by the anti-immigrant rhetoric pushed by President Trump and his administration. Even though immigrants are a scapegoat to more significant problems, don’t waste your time informing Gucciardo-Perry “you don’t like it here? Get the hell out.” According to her, she is fully aware that President Trump “does not say nice things,” but this was an issue about respect for authority.

Vergara said that it is not right for him to be treated in such a disrespectful manner, especially coming from a neighbor.

Featured image via screen grab.

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