Anonymous Just Mocked Trump Into Oblivion Over His North Korea Blunders

Donald Trump “stepped in it” with regard to North Korea, so to speak. On Tuesday, President P*ssygrabber drew a very clear red line in the sand with regard to North Korea — if you threaten the United States again, we will respond with “fire and fury” — a clear reference to Trump pushing the “little red button” he’s been dying to push since before the election.

This played well with Trump’s base, but it didn’t work out so well for The Donald when North Korea almost immediately crossed the “red line” when the rogue nation warned that it may strike Guam in response to Trump’s threats.

“If the red line he drew today was ‘North Korea cannot threaten the U.S. anymore,’ that line was crossed within an hour of him making that statement,” John Delury, associate professor of Chinese studies Yonsei University in Seoul, notes.

This whole having the power to unleash our nuclear arsenal on anyone yet threatening to do so if someone so much as says something mean about us thing has to be uncomfortable for Trump. It’s like a great man once said, “The global warming we should be worried about is the global warming caused by NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the hands of crazy or incompetent leaders!”

Oh. Yeah. That was Trump, as hacktivist group Anonymous was kind enough to remind us.

“In fairness to The Donald, he thought his hands were too small to hold a nuclear weapon at the time,” an account associated with the group tweeted Wednesday morning, linking Trump’s 2014 tweet

Trump is crazy. He’s also incompetent. On top of that, he is exactly the sort of person to lash out using whatever he has in his arsenal.

If we’re lucky, we can avoid any major “fallout” from The Donald’s increasingly irrational actions. We mean this in every sense of the word.

Featured image via Getty Images Drew Angerer/screengrab

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