Anne Frank Center Sounds The Alarm: We’re Just Like Pre-Nazi Germany (TWEET)

Ever since Donald Trump began his travesty of a presidential campaign, people who are cognizant of history have been warning that he could be the modern day Adolf Hitler. After all, Trump stirred up the hate in his base by reminding them that every single one of their problems was because of the “others” – be they Muslims, Latino immigrants, LGBTQ people, African Americans, the Washington “elites,” or anyone else that he could scapegoat. Now that he is the so-called “president,” these sentiments have been stoked even further. White supremacists and neo-Nazis are mainstream and empowered. Hell, they are even working right in the West Wing of the White House, in the form of Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Bannon, and Stephen Miller.

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Now, many people say that this is just liberal hysteria and fear over an ultra conservative agenda being enacted, and that we have to learn that elections have consequences, just as we told conservatives who were horrified at having President Obama in office for eight years. However, we now have a credible source that is warning us of the dangers of Trump’s forcing America to repeat the bloody history of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany: the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. They tweeted a list of official warning signs that we all must heed:

Executive Director Steven Goldstein told TIME of his thoughts on the matter:

1930s Germany imposed a series of escalating steps of oppression, including demonization, discrimination and isolation of vulnerable communities, that evoke what we are seeing today.”

That comparison is just, and not to make the comparison would be a dereliction of our duty to ensure ‘never again’ to any people.”

This is an entity that would definitely not make Hitler comparisons lightly, so we should take what they have to say on this matter seriously. If anyone knows what this looks like, what the warning signs are, it would be the Anne Frank Center. Remember – Hitler didn’t start with concentration camps and mass genocide. He started with scapegoating the Jewish people of first Germany, and then Europe at large. In the end, he rounded up all “undesirables” be they LGBTQ people, those with mental and physical disabilities, Gypsies, and many others. However, remember – eradicating the Jewish people from the planet was Hitler’s horrific “final solution.”

This is powerful stuff, and we need to listen. This isn’t a frivolous or hysterical comparison. This is real. We are living in the same conditions that made pre-Nazi Germany so ripe for Hitler’s rise. Are we going to allow the same to happen with Trump?

Featured image via BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

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