Ann Coulter Had A REALLY Sh*tty Day And It Made Everyone Else’s Lives Better (TWEETS)

You may want to prepare yourselves for this, but racist, right-wing nutjob Ann Coulter had a bad day on Saturday — so of course, she took it out on the closest darker-skinned person she could find.

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According to Coulter — a phrase that typically indicates a lie will follow — Delta Airlines gave her “extra room seat” (one with extra legroom) she bought before the flight took off to another passenger and moved her to another seat the commoners have to sit in.

Naturally, an unhinged ragegasm followed on Twitter:

She tweeted a photo of an African-American flight attendant who informed her that she didn’t know why Coulter’s seat was allegedly changed…

She even decided to publicly shame the woman who was sitting in the seat Coulter says was hers — and she had the same reaction you would have if you had to deal with being within feet of Ann Coulter:

Delta has not provided any details, but according to Coulter, the airline says there was some sort of emergency that made it necessary. She doesn’t care, though:

She even claimed that the WiFi didn’t work:

She drones on for a few more tweets that pretty much make it impossible to have any sympathy for her plight, if it was possible before:

If she was hoping to hurt Delta’s ticket sales, she seems to have failed. Miserably.

So, what actually happened? We may never know — but we do know that Coulter chose to blast the faces of two people of color, neither of whom was to blame for her predicament (real or otherwise), out to her 1.6 million followers.

Stay classy, Ms. Coulter.

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