Angry White Nationalist BEGS Us Not To See Him As An Angry White Nationalist (VIDEO)


The angry white nationalists are upset that people are condemning them. They’re pissed about being stereotyped. Or at least some of them are, because all they want is to preserve Western European heritage in America. It’s not right that they’re being called “angry white nationalists,” according to one guy who told KTVN CBS that he wants us all to understand he’s not an “angry white nationalist.”

Peter Cvjetanovic traveled from Nevada to Charlottesville specifically to help protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, and he’s the obviously angry man, in a white polo shirt, carrying a torch, in the above photo. That photo has since gone viral.

But don’t call him an “angry white nationalist.” According to KTVN, he wants to convey this message:

I did not expect the photo to be shared as much as it was. I understand the photo has a very negative connotation. But I hope that the people sharing the photo are willing to listen that I’m not the angry racist they see in that photo.”

He also wants us to just try and understand where these poor, oppressed, put-upon white people are coming from:

I came to this march for the message that white European culture has a right to be here just like every other culture. It is not perfect; there are flaws to it, of course. However I do believe that the replacement of the statue will be the slow replacement of white heritage within the United States and the people who fought and defended and built their homeland. Robert E Lee is a great example of that. He wasn’t a perfect man, but I want to honor and respect what he stood for during his time.”

Like other white nationalistic scum, he doesn’t acknowledge what Robert E. Lee actually stood for. Lee stood for slavery and the continued oppression of people of color. Honoring and respecting what he stood for is to honor and respect the ideals of oppression. Which is what makes him a white supremacist.

He knows that, and he freely admits he’s a white nationalist:

As a white nationalist, I care for all people. We all deserve a future for our children and for our culture. White nationalists aren’t all hateful; we just want to preserve what we have.”

No…no…no no no no no…that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. These people do not care about “all people.” They care about white Christians. That’s it. That’s all, and make no mistake, they are angry. They’re angry about losing their privilege and about the indisputable fact that America is changing, has always been changing, and will always be changing.

He’s an angry white nationalist. They all are. Listen to him actually say these words below:

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