Angela Merkel And Putin Just Had A Very Tense Exchange; Merkel’s Reaction Is Priceless

Leaders from the world’s biggest economic power joined together in Germany this weekend for the G20 Summit. Donald Trump’s awkward interactions aside, we have yet to see how actual world leaders interact in a group setting.

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Luckily, we had the honor of watching an exchange between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Of course, it’s hard to actually hear what their discussion consisted of, but it must have been very tense since it led to Merkel rolling her eyes at the Russian leader in an epic fashion:

Twitter had a field day, as they tried to fill in the missing gaps of their conversation:

Others tweeted how much they appreciated the eye-roll:

For years, Merkel and Putin have had the rockiest relationship, unlike Donald Trump and Putin. Back in 2007, Putin brought his black labrador to a meeting with Merkel because he knew that Merkel was afraid of dogs. Merkel responded to that by stating that Putin did it to “prove he’s a man” and he’s “afraid of his own weakness.”

Unlike a certain president we know, Merkel doesn’t give in to Putin’s demands and orders like a desperate puppet.




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