Anderson Cooper Just Handed Kellyanne Conway Her A** On A Golden Platter In Heated Exchange (VIDEO)

Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware of the damning and salacious report that CNN broke on Tuesday about an intel brief regarding Trump’s ties to Russia, as well as his perverted behavior while visiting there for alleged clandestine meetings.

Since that report came out, the news has been saturated with stories about Trump’s “golden showers” and late night Twitter rants, but perhaps the most important parts of the brief have not been reported as they should have been, those being Trump’s dealings with Russia during his campaign, his knowledge of Russian hackings of the DNC servers, and numerous other transgressions by himself and his staff that have been grossly (literally and figuratively) overshadowed by “Peegate.”

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On Wednesday, Trump gave his first press conference as president-elect, and as expected, he was erratic and even vengeful with reporters, especially CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who he accused of being a member of an organization that reported “fake news.” He went after him and CNN so hard, that even Fox News anchor Shep Smith came out in support of CNN.

But the erratic behavior doesn’t end there. Nope. Because, Trump’s future White House Counsel, Kellyanne Conway, much like Trump, cannot seem to face reality and has been traveling the news circuit like a rabid wild dog, willing to do anything and everything for her beloved PEE-OTUS. Last night, Seth Meyers called her out for blatantly lying to his face, but that’s NOTHING compared to what Anderson Cooper just did tonight on CNN’s AC360.

In a heated exchange with Conway, Anderson called out Trump’s team for inaccurately asserting that CNN had in fact released the 35-page document regarding Trump’s affairs in Russia, (but that in fact, BuzzFeed had,) and told her “that’s simply not true.”

“Do you acknowledge here and now that CNN did not release the 35-page unsubstantiated claims against Donald Trump, and it was misleading and untrue for [incoming press secretary] Sean Spicer to suggest otherwise?”

Her responses were that Spicer was “exactly right” and that, “CNN went first yesterday and BuzzFeed went second.”

Anderson, not bothering to hide his clear disbelief at Conway’s audacity, continues his line of questioning, trying to get to the bottom of what she’s actually trying to say that CNN did wrong:

“What you’re saying doesn’t make sense. On the one hand, you’re saying our reporting is inaccurate. On the other hand, you’re saying you don’t know if it was in the intelligence briefing, and you can’t say even if you did know. Right?”

“What is inaccurate in our reporting? Because you said, you weren’t in the briefing. You don’t know if what we’re reporting is true or not. You weren’t in the briefing and I guess you haven’t heard anything about what was in the briefing from anyone who was there…How can you say it’s not true?”

Conway replies:

“I can tell you that credible news reports today say that it was not in there.”

This continues for almost 30 minutes and it’s worth every second of your time. Watch the full interview below:

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