An Authoritarian Like Trump: Scaramucci Doesn’t Think He’s A ‘Civilian’ (TWEET)

After news of Anthony Scaramucci’s soon-to-be-ex-wife’s divorce filing broke on Friday, there was more than a little speculation that “The Mooch” was more loyal to Donald Trump and his own political ambitions than to his family. Why that’s still considered speculation is beyond me. It’s as plain as day that any man who can go from criticizing Trump the way he used to, to fawning over him the way he does now is concerned only with power.

That’s why Anthony’s tweet Friday afternoon in response to the “leak” came as no surprise to me. It is troubling, though:

What’s so wrong with this tweet? In a word: Civilians.

In his mind, Anthony Scaramucci is already a different class of person than the rest of his family. Sure, that’s awful news for his wife and kids, and something she would know better than any of us. But what does the fact that Scaramucci doesn’t consider himself a “civilian” mean for America? It would seem that Trump is cultivating a culture of authoritarian attitudes inside the White House.

Already, we’ve watched Scaramucci systematically exact revenge on those he feels have wronged him since he started seeking a spot inside Trump’s White House in January. He’s done it with simply his presence, which led to the departure of Sean Spicer, his efforts to undermine, which effected the removal of Reince Priebus, and his um… “colorful” descriptions, which could paint Steve Bannon as yet another liability for Donald Trump in his quest to rule the world.

The fact that Trump has installed yet another military leader into a top position at his right hand with the replacement of his Chief of Staff doesn’t do much to make me feel any better about all of this.

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