Alex Jones Just Got Sued By A Yogurt Company For Claiming They ‘Import’ Rapists

Alex Jones, famous for his right-wing, conspiracy theory douchebaggery on InfoWars, has been having a rough couple of weeks! Currently, Jones is in an ongoing custody battle with his ex-wife over their children and just this past Friday he had the audacity to issue a statement to the press urging them to be “respectful and responsible” with regard to his children as if HE has ever shown respect for children in the past. (You may recall, he is the one who created the ludicrous and absolutely disgusting viral rumor that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax and a “false flag” operation created by the U.S. Government.) His attorney also released a statement saying that his on-air rants should be considered “performance art,” as if that will help his case.

Well, it appears that it’s all starting to fall apart for Alex Jones because not only are his “on-air rants” about to cost him custody of his children, but he’s now being sued for publishing inaccurate information about the popular yogurt company Chobani.

The lawsuit, which Chobani filed on Monday, states:

The defendants’ conduct in this matter was extreme, outrageous and warrants punitive damages.”

The suit also references a list of articles published by InfoWars where Jones, among other ridiculous claims, accuses the company, it’s founder and the city of Twin Falls, Idaho of “importing rapists” after an unfortunate sexual assault involving refugee children at an apartment complex in Twin Falls. Among the headlines that unfairly linked the yogurt company to the crime are:

Chobani has repeatedly requested that Jones and Infowars remove the defamatory and inaccurate coverage, but their requests were ignored.

The yogurt company’s founder, Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya, has been a strong advocate for immigrants and refugees and currently employs over 300 at his plants in Twin Falls and New York State. When news broke of the above mentioned sexual assault involving refugee children, spurring the outlandish claims by InfoWars and other right-wing outlets like Breitbart, Ulukaya started receiving death threats and Chobani suffered backlash due to boycotts spread by these extremist media outlets.

Chobani is currently seeking at least $10,000 in attorney fees and punitive damages, but we hope the judge presiding the case awards a whole lot more.

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