Alec Baldwin Silently Mocks Donald Trump With Epic Selfie (IMAGE)

Donald Trump is going to throw a hissy fit.

Our intelligence community has confirmed that Vladimir Putin personally ordered Russian hackers to interfere with our election to help Trump.

To many Americans that will forever make Trump an illegitimate president who should not be allowed to take office because there will always be the question of if he truly is Putin’s puppet in the White House.  Our nation and world could be in serious danger.

The seriousness of this situation should not be in doubt, but Trump and Republicans are defending Russia anyway because they know Trump is illegitimate and that means a new election must be held or democracy will be truly dead in our country.

And without saying a single word on Friday, Alec Baldwin trolled Trump on Instagram for colluding with the Russians.

Yeah, that’s a red “Make America Great Again” cap. Only the words are in Russian.

It’s the most epic way to mock Trump without having to say anything.

But it’s not like Baldwin has been silently mocking Trump all the time. He’s been rather busy these days portraying the loudmouth businessman on Saturday Night Live with skit after skit dedicated to ripping Trump a new one and his performances have been nothing short of perfect and hilarious.

Trump doesn’t think so, of course. He often whines on Twitter after watching the show, proving how thin-skinned and petty he is.

But all jokes aside, Donald Trump is still about to become president because the Russians helped him through espionage and propaganda. That’s NOT funny and the American people should be outraged.

Even Republicans should be angry. Sadly, most of them have no problem with Russian interference because their party benefited from it. If Hillary Clinton had won because of Russian influence, she would be endlessly investigated and Republicans would be charging her with treason. That’s just the truth, and Trump and the GOP are only whining about the findings of our intelligence community because the truth hurts.

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