Al Gore Just Said What We Are ALL Thinking About Trump’s White House (VIDEO)

Former Vice President Al Gore was on All In With Chris Hayes on Wednesday, the host’s first time sitting down with him since last December. The last time the two met, Gore had just returned from visiting Donald Trump and his daughter in New York to discuss climate change, and Gore had been optimistic about the exchange. Fast-forward seven-plus months, and Gore tells Chris that he’s not feeling the same way anymore.

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I had reason to believe that there was an excellent chance that the president would stay in the Paris Agreement, that he would come to his senses, but I was wrong, because he has surrounded himself with a rogue’s gallery of climate deniers. And even though there are those in his inner circle who wanted him to do the right thing on climate, they were outweighed, out-talked by the climate deniers.”

When Chris recited the legend of Al Gore’s career back to him — a storied tenure as number two at the White House, before that a Congressman in both chambers, and a lifetime of watching his father in Congress — he asked whether Gore had ever seen anything like what’s currently going on in the White House.

I think in the process, the president has been isolating himself from the rest of the country … Constant distractions in the White House. Last week, somebody said it was like the ‘Red Wedding’ in Game of Thrones … It was really wild.”

Gore started to go on, but Hayes wanted to visit the subject:

Wait, wait, I want to stop you there. Do you watch that like everybody else does and just say, like, ‘What the heck is going on?’”

Gore was deadpan:

Are you talking about Game of Thrones, or the White House?”

It’s nice to know somebody else is thinking what the rest of us are thinking.

Watch the entire interview here:

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