Afraid Of Watching EVERYONE Abandon Him, Trump Dissolves Economic Councils

What a difference 202 days makes. The Breaking News analyst for cable business giant CNBC, Steve Kopack, is tasked with releasing all the big stuff on what’s going on with the world of finance and industry. He’s also the first line of information for business goings-on in the Trump administration — like the announcement of a manufacturing council:

That was a week after Trump’s inauguration. Everyone had high hopes, and business leaders were anxious to have a “seat at the table” on the president’s policy decisions. But after his public relations disaster of a weekend, during which Trump refused to acknowledge America’s very serious problem with actual Nazis, those business leaders no longer want to be associated with Trump. And 202 days after that tweeted announcement, Kopack is back:

As recently as Tuesday, Donald Trump was responding to the CEOs who were distancing themselves from him in anger:

That came on the heels of a tirade Trump went on about Ken Frazier, the Merck CEO he once praised as a brilliant businessman, who left the council a day earlier. Now the number of departed CEOs has reached 11, with 8 of them quitting just this week, each one issuing a statement condemning Trump for his cowardice and failure to call out racism and white supremacists.

True to form, Trump first turned on the former associates who have “betrayed” him — and now he’s pretending they never existed. The latest on Wednesday from Trump:

It looks like the events in Charlottesville may mark a turning point in the presidency of Donald J. Trump. By refusing to condemn literal Nazis whose rally ended in a young woman’s death, he has burned every bridge he’s ever built, and even those that have been built around him.

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