Actor Will Arnett HUMILIATES Trump For Whining Like A Little B*tch About The Media

It’s hilarious when an old tweet resurfaces at just the right moment.

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Donald Trump is lashing out at the media this morning for telling the truth about his little soon-to-be-in-prison brat Donald Trump Jr., and he even used some big boy words to do it.

First, he attacked Hillary Clinton and whined about the media.

After a brief post bragging about how there were few protesters at his private golf course in New Jersey, Trump resumed his attack on the media, which he again called “fake.”

This comes from a petulant man-child who thinks 3 million Americans voted illegally for Hillary Clinton just because he LOST the popular vote, yet Trump is accusing the media of “distorting democracy.”

That’s just f*cking hilarious. The hypocrisy is not even surprising anymore.

Trump is whining like a little bitch because the media had the audacity to report on an email Trump Jr. released all by himself proving that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 Election.

Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer and a former Soviet intelligence officer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. The information was apparently obtained by Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov, a friend of Trump’s who is close to Vladimir Putin.

The email makes this quite clear.

Just read it for yourself.

Despite what conservatives claim, collusion is illegal and it was definitely committed here by Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign.

Whining about media coverage of such a flagrant violation of U.S. law is not going to change that, and Twitter had no mercy in response.

But actor and comedian Will Arnett had the best response by posting an old tweet featuring Trump claiming to have spoken with “an extremely credible source” about President Obama’s birth certificate.

In other words, Trump used an “unnamed source,” which is the very thing he is whining about the media doing even though the media has the right to protect their sources. Trump is just a lying asshole.

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